Forever and Always

Forever and always you must cherish your tears
Rest ten times and then cry one

Whenever you want to cry,
laugh one more time instead

So that happiness that graze
can come into you

Forever and always
please remember
That I am by your side

The person who is truly happy because you exist
It’s me
Forever and always



ps : hanya untukmu, yah kamu !!!

By Indah Julianti Sibarani

Fulltime mom Penulis Cerita Bacaan Anak Blogger Co Founder Kumpulan Emak Blogger (KEB)


  1. wah mbak.. bener mbak aku juga ngerasa sama, happy karena ada teman, teman sejati 🙂
    maaf lahir batin juga ya mbak Indah Juli

  2. Hiks!
    Jadi kangen sama sahabat-sahabat saya nih, Mbak…

    Ah, sabar, sabar…
    ntar malem kan mau ngumpul sambil ngupi… jadi sabar ya, La! 🙂

    Maapin Lala ya, Mbak.. lahir batin..

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